Keep Dad and the Dog Happy this Father’s Day

We’ve got some great gift ideas for the dog lovin’ dad in your life.

FathersDayPuppiesOK, here we are again:  Early June.  School is out.  Mother’s Day is just a memory. Graduation parties are taking place all around us and Father’s Day is just around the corner.

What’s it all mean for you, the proud pet owner? It means the days are hotter and longer and our pets need to be given plenty of cool water and nice air conditioning.  Especially if you have an “outdoor” dog, or one who spends the majority of his time on a back patio or in the back yard, please be extra cautious of the weather and make sure that your pet is staying cool and hydrated.

It also means you need to find a gift for dad!  If you missed our newsletter, here’s some ideas that may be helpful.

First, if you’ve got little kids, this is a great book they can personalize for dad.

Second, here’s TWELVE different gift ideas for “Dads who love dogs”.

Next, here’s a list of 20 items that Dog Dads will love.

Finally… every dad loves a CLEAN, WELL GROOMED dog, right?  So… grab the coupons below, pick up your phone, call 954-349-4441 and schedule an appointment to get your pooch nice and clean before Father’s Day.

Hope to see you soon!  Remember, all of the offers expire June 30th, 2016.