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K9 Kuts  Grooming and Pet Care – FAQ’s

Below are some of the more common questions that our clients ask us.  If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please feel free to call us at 954-349-4441 or fill out our simple Contact Us form.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

This all depends on the activity level of your pet.  If you have a pet that is often outdoors you may have to wash your pet up to twice a month, however of your pet spends most of its’ time indoors, you should bathe your pet every two months.  Back to top

Why Does My Pet Need to Get Shaved Sometimes?

If you not kept on your pets brushing, combing, and de-knotting, your pet’s fur will become knotted.  If the knotting has not reached the skin it is possible for us to get underneath the knot and tease out the tangles.  If the tangles have reached the skin, the only safe alternative would be to shave your pet.  This proves to be the safest method because constant tugging on your pets’ tangles in a three to four hour period could prove to be harmful to their skin and most importantly your pet will have a negative grooming experience and will be afraid to be groomed again.  The best comparison would be a person who has not brushed their teeth in a month, when it is time to go to the dentist they will have to undergo an extensive dental treatment to remove all the bacteria and debris that has been built up.  Always remember to please brush your pet so that we may present the best grooming.  Back to top

What’s the Best Way to train my dog for a nail clipping?

The following procedure is best done while your pet is still a puppy so they become accustomed to it at a young age. Many dogs don’t like to have their feet touched, so it’s always a good idea to get your dog used to it before you attempt a nail trim. The best method is to simply rub your hand up and down their leg and gently press each individual toe.  The more often you practice this with your pet, the less stressed they will be when getting a toe nail trim. Please see our attached video to see a demonstration.  Back to top

What’s the Best Way to Clean My Pet’s Eyes?

Many breeds suffer from “eye-goopies”, this is the build-up of eye discharge at the inner most corner of their eye.  The best method is to use a damp cotton ball and always remember to wipe from the inside corner of the eye outwards.  Please be careful not to touch the eyeball, as this may scratch the cornea.  Back to top

What’s the Best Way to Clean My Pet’s Ears?

First, place a little bit of liquid ear cleaner on a clean cotton ball. Fold your pet’s ear back gently and wipe away any earwax that you can see on the ear flap and canal. Always remember to lift up and away as not to press the earwax further in the canal. It is always best to use a ear cleanser containing a drying agent so that no moisture stays inside the ear canal.  Back to top

How Do I Cut Down on My Pet’s Shedding?

Shedding or “blowing their coat” is a normal occurrence for many pets, especially in warmer weather, The double coat on some breeds does two functions, it protects them from the elements outside and also helps to keep them cool by protecting the skin from the heat.  Although, a double coat that is not brushed out will become knotted and then matt to your pets skin, in which your pet may have to be shaved.  The amount of shedding depends on your pets breed. Currently there is no 100% proven method to stop the shedding process, but you can greatly reduce the amount of shedding by brushing your pet regularly. Some of the better products are the Furminator and de-shedding rakes.  Back to top

Why Can’t I Get Rid of that Doggie Odor?

The first step is to check your pet’s ears and teeth, this is often the source of odor-causing bacteria in pets. If grooming your pet proves to be fruitless and your dog smells consistently stinky, please consult with your veterinarian to check to see if there’s an underlying skin infection.  Back to top

How Often Should I Brush My Dog?

Pets with short, dense fur such as a golden retriever or a bichon, it will always need a good brushing 3-4 times per week.  If your dog has a long coat, like a Yorkshire Terrier they will need daily brushing to remove tangles. If you have similar to a collie, you will have to brush and comb through the undercoat approximately 3 times per week.  Back to top

My Pet Hates The Grooming Process.  How Can I Make Grooming Less Stressful for My Pet?

Grooming sessions should always be fun and provide the least stress free for your pet, which is what we offer at K-9 Kuts. 80% of all pets will tremble/shake when they are dropped off for grooming, this is NOT because they are scared of the groomers, it is simply separation anxiety.  ALL pets prefer to be with their owners than anyone else.  If your pet suffers from this it is best to make the drop off as quick as possible so the separation time is quick and not drawn out. If your pet still gets nervous always be sure to schedule them when your pet’s relaxed. This can be done by giving them a long walk before their appointment, or praising them as your enter the grooming shop and giving them treats before and after their appointment. You can always tell us a scheduled pick up time for your pet, but please be aware that the grooming process can take up three hours depending on the size of your pet.  Back to top

My Pet Has Long Hair That’s Frequently Matted. How Do I Get Rid of the Matting?

Gently tease out mats with a metal tooth comb, and then brush your pet with a bristle brush. It is best to bring your pet to us so they may help you detangle your pet. Always remember that your pet needs daily brushing to remove tangles and prevent mats.  Back to top

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