If Hindsight is 20-20, it’s time to put 2020 behind us!

Phew, finally 2020 has departed! Let’s get this new year started with new coupons and great looking pets!

OK, let’s just say it: Overall, 2020 wasn’t all that great. We won’t even mention all the yucky stuff that happened this year, but instead, let’s focus on the good, we got a lot of good family time!

Now that the holidays are behind us and we’re about to settle back in to more of a routine, try to think about scheduling your pup for a grooming about every 4 to 6 weeks, unless you find that he / she needs it more often. ¬†Best advice is to schedule your next visit when you pick up your pooch from this visit.

We’ll keep this short today… lots of things to do to get the new year rolling in the right direction.

As always, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon! Please feel free to print out the sheet of coupons below. All of the offers expire January 31st, 2021 and remember that the best way to book an appointment is to call us directly at 954-349-4441.