Declare your independence from HIGH PRICED groomers.  K-9 Kuts still the most affordable dog groomer in Weston!

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July.  What can we say this month that is unique and special about July?  We’ve got the Womens World Cup… that’s exciting and fun to watch. Vacations… great time to get away whether its across the country, internationally, or even a “stay-cation” to the Keys or Miami Beach or Naples… Whatever you do this summer we wish you peace, fun, safe travels (or safe staying at home) and not too much Florida heat and humidity.  (A little rain would actually be nice about now, no?)

With the schedules always being a little different for many people during the summer, please know that we’re still here and open as usual.  If you have a standing appointment and need to change it over the summer, just say the word and we’ll get you re-booked.  And isn’t it good to know that when you come to K-9 Kuts, you’re getting your pet groomed by Weston’s most affordable groomer?  I mean, you could spend more elsewhere, but why would you want to? And besides, we’d miss you!

And now, without any further delay, let’s get to the good stuff… the coupons!  You know the deal, right?  Print ’em out and bring ’em in.  Oh, and don’t forget, the easiest way to make an appointment is by CALLING us at 954-349-4441.

Hope to see you soon!  Remember, all of the offers expire July 31th, 2015.