September Coupons From the Affordable Weston Dog Groomer

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labor day construction worker dog

A real LABOR Day Dog…
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Another blog post from the affordable Weston Dog groomer…

Where has the time gone?  I looked at the calendar today and it”s already Sept 10!  Labor Day is already a distant memory and I”m already seeing holiday (as in Christmas!) decorations starting to pop up in stores.  (Still, I love a good trip to Costco.  After all in what other store can you buy a fresh chicken, a pair of pants and dog biscuits?)

For most of us the kids are back in school which means our homes may be quieter during the day as our pets are home alone.  Consider leaving a TV or radio on with the casino online volume not too high just so your pets feel like there is still some activity in the house.  If you really want to get extreme, check out

Of course, we want to remind you that just as the kids get their “back to school haircuts”, its probably not a bad idea to get your pet a fresh “do” as well.  Take a look at these before and after pics of one of our clients, Zoe:

Zoe Before seeing the affordable Weston Groomer


Zoe after a great grooming by K-9 Kuts


We hope to see you soon. Please feel free to print out the sheet of coupons below. All of the offers expire September 30th, 2013. SEE YOU AT COSTCO!