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Dancing With the Stars winner released early!  I know it”s hard to believe, but K-9 Kuts has received the inside scoop as to who will be the winner of this season”s Dancing with the Stars!  For all the details, check out this video (it”s only 3 minutes, but worth watching all the way “til the end.)

OK, so hopefully you enjoyed the video and you aren”t using it as a tool to get your spouse or significant other to take up dance lessons.  And by now, you probably realized that this is just a really bad April Fools gag.

Your dog or cat won”t be anyone”s fool though if casino online you decide to treat you pet to a day of pampering at K-9 Kuts sometime this month.

Call us at 954-349-4441 to schedule an appointment or visit our Contact Us page and request an appointment online.  Have a great month!  We hope to see you soon.  Please feel free to print out the sheet of coupons below.  All of the offers expire April 30, 2013.