Why Did I Just See Halloween Costumes at Costco?

Can’t we slow down and just enjoy TODAY?

hotdog-halloween-dog-costumesHave you ever said to yourself, “I can’t wait until (take your choice)… we go on vacation / school gets out / I get that promotion / the kids graduate and go off to college / I get married / I get divorced / I meet the right person… the list could go on and on.

The question is why?  Why can’t we wait until _____ happens? Why can’t we just be happy with the here and now?  Why aren’t we satisfied with the PRESENT? Could you imagine how much happier and more content we could all be if we could really focus and learn to enjoy and appreciate what’s happening right here, right now, right in front of our own eyes?

So here I am, trying to enjoy the first week of August… still plenty of time until school starts again, we’re not in the height of Hurricane season, traffic is still reasonable as so many South Floridians are out of town right now, overall… life is good, today.

So why (there’s that question again), do I have to walk into Costco and see Halloween costumes for sale almost 90 days before the holiday arrives? I’m still having a hard time getting over the “Back to School” sales that started in early June, about a day after school got out!  And I’m sure, that when I head back to Costco next week, they’ll be putting out their Thanksgiving and Christmas items.  I understand that retail has to work “ahead of season”, but this just really took me by surprise.

I just want to enjoy today.  Its summer time.  The “relaxing” time of year.  Can I please not be reminded in early August that the ghosts and goblins and turkeys and Santas are “just around the corner”?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m didn’t let Costco’s 90 day out run-up to Halloween ruin my day, or even my trip to the store.  It just served as a reminder that we as a society tend to focus on what’s next instead of enjoying right now.

That much being said, TODAY is a great day to get your dog cleaned up.  Not in preparation for anything happening later, but just because his or her coat may have gotten a little longer than it should have.  With the warm weather your pooch is probably ready for a nice little bath. And some nail trimming, a little ear cleaning and a nice, relaxing day at our pet “spa” is always a good thing. I promise you, your dog is not worried about tomorrow or the next holiday coming up… he just wants a day of pampering.

So… grab the coupons below, pick up your phone, call 954-349-4441 and schedule an appointment to get your pooch nice and clean just for the sake of having a clean, healthy dog today.

Hope to see you soon!  Remember, all of the offers expire August 31st, 2016.