K-9 Kuts is Open and Ready to Make Your Dog Look Great!

OK, so March and April felt more like two years than two months. We’re into May now and like it or not, things may start opening up a bit more now. We hope that everyone will do their best to be smart and safe as society and the economy begin to move forward and re-open.

If your dog looks like this, it’s time for a serious grooming!

We’re open, ready and waiting to take care of pets from Weston and the surrounding areas. Moreover, we’re able to do so in a safe manner as our shop is not an area where numerous people spend long periods of time.

As a matter of fact we’ll meet you at the front door if you don’t want to come inside the salon. When you pick up your dog, we only allow one person in at a time. You can also avoid additional contact by paying for your services with your credit or debit card over the phone.

Grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy (and darn good looking and smelling, too!) Although it may feel like an inconvenience these days, it’s still necessary. We’re glad we’ve earned your trust over the years so that you know and understand that we’re doing all we can to keep the salon as clean as possible and make the grooming experience as safe as possible for everyone.

Remember, we also have pick up and drop off service for a very nominal fee. Just give us a call in advance to schedule pick up times.

Give us a call us at 954-349-4441 to schedule an appointment or visit our Contact Us page and request an appointment online.   All of the offers expire April 30, 2020.