Ahhh, April!  College basketball comes to a frantic close, baseball is in the air, the Masters is around the corner and the NBA and NHL playoffs are about to begin.  You’d almost think that this blog post was being written by a sports fan.  (And you’d be right!)  I’m also a dog owner (two of them) and not only do I write these blog posts every month, but I have also been a customer of Serina’s for so many years I can’t even remember going anywhere else.

My wife and I love this place.  My pets must love it too because they know when we pull up exactly where they’re going and they practically break the leash to go in.  (That, to me, says a lot more than any review written by us two legged people.)  They come home looking and smelling great and seem to have a little bounce to their step when walking in the door.

We generally write about things to do for your dogs during the month so this is a first of its kind for this space.  I hope you don’t mind the deviation from the norm.

Of course, we know the real reason you’re here is for the coupons, so without any further delay, see below.  Remember, to call ahead for appointments at 954-349-4441.