Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer!

August!  The last of the summer vacations, the start of football, gearing up for back to school, preparing for the heavy part of storm season… and doing it all in the heat of South Florida. Don’t you think your pup might feel better with a nice, short hair cut? I mean, if nothing else, he or she will LOOK a whole lot “cooler”.

Don’t forget, we know you wouldn’t do it, but please remind friends not to EVER leave dogs in a car while they “run in just for a quick minute”. Cars heat up at an incredible pace and it just doesn’t make sense to risk your pup’s health and safety for a matter of convenience. 

Of course, we know the real reason you’re here is for the coupons, so without any further delay, see below. These will expire on August 31. Please remember, to call ahead for appointments at 954-349-4441.